Journal on “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”

“The goal is to sell to people who believe what you believe.” Simon Sinek explains that a person, a consumer, does not want a product, they want something they believe in. We, as humans, inherently desire to have something that bonds us together, drives us forward toward a greater cause. Humans are fickle, nervous creatures that need to have the animalistic parts of their brain calmed before they can definitively choose something. The law of delusion of innovation says that a small group of people will buy your product, they may even buy the ideas, but the majority will sit by hesitantly and wait. They are waiting to feel comfortable with the idea, waiting to know they are making the right choice and doing what they believe.

People believe in the why. Anyone and everyone understands what the product is and how it was made or sold, but what they want to know is why they should care about it. Sinek says that people will care when the final ring of the Golden Circle, the why, is understood. Why did someone make the product? Why is it important or necessary? Why care? It’s simple, because the product in question is something they can believe in. A great leader doesn’t lead with force or fear, they lead with a belief. Humans want something to believe in and will follow behind an idea without hesitation.

Anyone can make art, but it takes a leader to make someone believe.

(Source Simon Sinek’s “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”. Also included is a schedule of events for week one of classes.)

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