Design of a Tiger

Paint, thumbtacks, cardboard, 57
                              Paint, thumbtacks, cardboard, 57″ x 37″, 2015

Each tiger has a set of stripes unique to them, just like every person has a unique name. The image is creates balance between a linear name and sporadic points. The lines and light of the name breathe life into the tiger by forming its own individual stripes.

The original design started off as a rhythm of jumbled thoughts and ideas, that transferred into the splatters and chaos of the abstract, monochromatic painting. The dark image shows control; the points and lines of the words disconnect and can stand alone.

The second image is covering the first with the glamour and joy of a colorful life brought to light. The tiger is no longer a dark creature on dark paper, now it bursts toward the viewer with a sense of joy. The image is meant to show a person spray painting over the first through the camera lens. The paint is neither finished nor dry but feels happy and inviting.



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