Review on Woman and Stag

The image, Woman and Stag by Tamara De Lempicka, depicted below, is an interesting combination of style and technique.The picture is achromatic so it has to rely on contrast, line width and value in order display its message. The lines get darker, and thus the shadowing as well, around the center, making the woman appear lighter and softer. The features of both animals and the background are exaggerated and curly, making them look similar to ancient art. The world behind the pair feels flat but bright. It feels as though the image should be placed on fabric or pottery. The paper used gives the picture a grainy, fabric feel. The image of the woman and the stag melt together so the foreground and background become one. Overall the image is soft and never too overwhelming.

De Lempicka, Tamara. Woman And Stag. 1925. Paris.

De Lempicka, Tamara. Woman and Stag. 1925. Paris.

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