Endless Journey

Endless Journey2 copy
                                                                                 Photoshop, 2015

This is an imaginary landscape based on the word interminable. The idea was to show life as an endless journey with sights to see and trials to overcome. The lighthouse is faded in the distance, like a ghost trapped in another other world. The boat is the person on the journey, lost in the rapids of life. The blues and greens are meant to feel soft but imposing. Secrets hide in the background, like forgotten emotions. Life is a mess of rapids, always rushing forward.

The foreground is filled with bright colors, yet can feel imposing due to the height and weight of the trees. The background is muted, foggy, like a lot of feelings. The picture isn’t harsh but the lighthouse is sharp against everything, like a pillar in the chaos. The flower is innocence drifting along silently.

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