Beyond the Clouds

Beyond the Clouds        Beyond the Clouds

Photoshop, 673 x 963 pixels, 2015

Assuage /əˈswāj/ verb: to make (an unpleasant or scary feeling) less intense.

The thought behind the project was the idea of two worlds existing together, and possibly colliding. Their independent skies are crashing into one another, and soon the worlds will do the same, but the places remain bright and optimistic. A great fear for many is the end of the world, but what if the end is no more threatening than seeing what lays on the other side or finding a new civilization above us? Or what if that fear is very justified and the worlds end up broken after?

The landscape is relaxing, no threatening, calming, yet it depicts a possibly catastrophic event. The city in the middle of the clouds is from the world atop the image, a paradise sent head first into another world’s mountains. Will they collide and be destroyed in fire and death, or will they simply sail past each other with no one noticing? How often does a world pass ours and we don’t notice?

Two worlds colliding, how bad could it really be?

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