Harlequin Forest

Irish Words

                                                                                   PhotoShop, 2015

Transparency, texture, harmony, shape, unity, those all bring a work of art to life. The spheres wrap around the images and text to make them stand out against the green, grainy background. While the image does not contain a lot of transparency, where it does, it helps the reader by leading them toward objects and words that are of great importance to the storyboard. The images rest in a plane and gradually rise up to show above the words. The circles in the middle act as a case for the words, holding and highlighting them. The diagonal lines are used to frame and capture the center images and invite the viewer to journey with them across the image. The circles create a sense of harmony and unity between the harsh rectangles and solid lines. Balance is created by the simple colors, bold, almost inviting, design and strange imagery.

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