Accordion to Life and Times

CoverAccordion BookBack

                                                                                         Pencil, Watercolor paper, 2015

Linear day, a story of an average day in my life. When I do anything, the pervious event carries over and my actions usually end up meshing together. That is depicted through the actions of one panel bleeding through to the next with smooth, consistent lines between most sections. The lines were intentionally left drawn in pencil in order to make the book feel constructed or in the middle of a process. The darker lines and shapes give the work depth. In the fifth panel, the one with the word cat, some words are smaller or darker than others to breathe life into the shape. The line work is sharp and precise, creating a sense of finality.


 Recover RedesignedReback

                                                                                          Sharpie, Watercolor Paper, 2015
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