Striped Flag

Charcoal, Newsprint Paper, 2015

For this project we were asked to draw a hand drawn striped flag as we saw it resting on the ground. The dark stripes grew lighter as the object moved further away. The top right corner also curled slightly, adding depth to the image. Naturally, as the flag was laying flat on the ground, the corners made obtuse and acute angles, not right angles. I found it difficult to force myself away from the comfortable right angles I was used to, but I feel the final image is an accurate representation of what I saw.

Foundations: 5 class hours / 15 homework hours
Computer Animation I: 4 class hours / 2 homework hours
Visual Communication: 4 class hours / 9 homework hours
Survey of Animation: 3 class hours / 2 homework hours
Total Homework: 28 hours
Total 3 Week Homework: 98 hours

Ratio to Classtime: 98 Homework / 48 Class (2 to 1 ratio?) So my grade should be in the mid to high B’s I hope.

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