Sand Title: Love and Adversity

I chose to do an abstraction of love written in sand. Millions of tiny parts make up love, millions of tiny, minute parts that on their own seem insignificant, however when put together they form something great.

I chose to study Aleksandra Korejwo, despite the fact that we used very different styles. She uses colored salt manipulated by a condor feather to create vast, beautiful, delicate worlds, while I chose to use simple brown sand to carve my ideas into it. The idea for the simple lines coming together and rippling out came from the beginning of Oerd Van Cuijlenborg’s Jazzimation. I considered adding music behind my work like both artists I studied did, however there wasn’t a song I felt fit my theme enough. Love is passionate, patience and chaotic. There’s a thrill and a disconnect when two souls try to become one. 

The start of mine is the ripples of another person entering a life; it’s exciting and horrifying. Following that, after the shock dulls, the pair radiate inside each other, leaving ripples in the heart. That is until something rips through them and causes a hole to form. The hole can be fixed but it leaves confusion and sometimes a greater hole emerges. Using what they can, the pair tries to fill in the hole again, build the pieces back up, until the tower falls. Soon it becomes a mess of words then silence and it starts all over.

I tried to portray the pain and confusion of loving someone. Korejwo’s work with gentle salt particles gave me the idea of trying to show a delicate yet powerful emotion. I had some trouble figuring out how to word my thoughts in a medium I rarely see used. However, Cuijlenborg’s style of rippling and piecing bits together lead me to my final work.

My idea for my project greatly changed from the original idea to the final. I originally wanted to use petals, until I saw someone use sand for a small short. I fell in love with the medium. But it wasn’t going to be as easy to depict color in sand, so the idea needed a revision. I believe I displayed a unique, thoughtful idea to the best of my ability. The parts inspired by Cuijlenborg, the ripples and circles, are my strongest parts for certain.

Reference Material:
Oerd Van Cuijlenborg – Jazzimation / Civil War / Jogral
Aleksandra Korejwo – Łabędź / Carmen Suite (Bizet) / Carmen Habanera (Bizet)
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