Typology/Morphology Write-up

This is a review of the Typology/Morphology exhibit where I studied two of the works, African Pompano Lookdown and I am, I will, I’m Afraid. I looked at the design elements of both and attempted to express them in words.

The first piece that caught my eye was I am, I will, I’m Afraid. Though simple in design, the photograph with words layered over it has a powerful message. The white text above the sophia image fade and stand out at interesting moments and have a unity that pulls the piece together. The sketchy handwriting creates a harmony and balance with the surrounding chaos. The dark boy blends in with the tree and grass in the background, yet stands out because he resides on a diagonal line that draws the attention of the viewer. There is a line dividing the sky and ground that makes the lower words stand out.

The next picture, African Pompano Lookdown, is a unique depiction of African Pompano fish skeletons. The vibrant red and black against the dull white background makes the individual image feel vast and open, yet also gives the two pictures unity. The white space feels like a sea for the fish skeletons to float in. The lines of the spines fan out and attract the viewers’ eyes while leading them to the oval or triangular head. Apart the images wouldn’t be as strong, however together the two share color and shape enough to make them feel harmonized, yet remain different enough that the images are still interesting.

I Am, I Will, I'm Afraid

I Am, I Will, I’m Afraid
African Pompano Lookdown

African Pompano Lookdown

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