Rise Above, Fall Below

Rise Above Fall Below

                          PhotoShop, 2015

This poster is meant to show the rapid decent into depression a person can feel. The tree used in the image is a tall, slowly dying tree that twists high into the sky and roots deep into the Earth. I studied the tree from several angles and attempted to see a hidden meaning. This took a long time but finally I saw her, the woman falling inside one of the branches. She was reaching up, toward the sky, fighting her way out of the prison that is sadness.

I chose to represent the struggle with sadness by having a wave crash over the poor silhouette. The wave draws the viewers’ eyes across the image, leading them to the tree, which they can then slide down to the clouds and storm. The figure gets trapped in the middle of the chaos, adding a layer of framing to the message. The actual picture is then framed by darkness, unknown, with the only light coming from the words “Rise Above” and “Fall Below.” To give the image more meaning, the words were added, explaining the feelings one can have toward the difficulties they feel when fighting a disorder like depression.

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