Live and Let Live

Live and Let Live

                     InDesign, PhotoShop, 2015

This is a political poster about the need to pick a side in the never ending war between Democrats and Republicans in America. It seems needless unfair to tell people that they must have an opinion on issues, especially if they don’t. I was raised in a household where the mentality on issues was thus; Live and Let Live, people will do as they want, regardless of what you say and do, so let them. Let those people live their lives as they choose, and you do the same. Equality and cohabitation without needless conflict and discrimination. Forcing people to have opinions about issues they don’t wish to get involved in or forcing them to choose a side in the political party war only breeds anger and resentment. If we allow people to live freely, without the shackles of a party or need for an opinion, then we could all be more peaceful. However, that isn’t in human nature and the world will cease to spin if we all get along.

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