Pragmatic, Enigmatic

Size Difference

                           Photoshop, 2015

There’s a strength in black and white space that color can’t express. Contrast drives harmony, promotes balance and creates unity in the space. The amount of white space almost mirrors the black, with only whispers of difference. The change in sizes of the objects also plays a strong part in creating unity and proportion. A cat smaller than a mouse, yet larger than the squirrel and comparable to the human head creates a sense of depth, allowing objects to defy life. The letters tower over all other objects and allow the viewer to follow and explore the square design around them.

The words hidden in the letters attempt to appeal to the viewers emotions. Enigmatic means difficult to interpret or understand, while pragmatic means dealing with things sensibly, rationally and realistically. Life is full of enigmas that require to the person to think pragmatically in order to push forward.

Printed version:


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