{appear:up:here} Gallery Write-up


The {appear:up:here} experience showcased in the Llewellyn Gallery was an ethereal event that used surreal music and atmospheric lighting to create a feeling similar to floating in a trance through the clouds. The four songs, “undulatas asperatus,” “mammatocumulus,” “stratus translucidus” and “cirrus fibratus,” playing in the room was named after clouds forms to encourage people to feel like they were above the world they knew. Lines of brilliantly colored light were found captured in flowing mosquito nets, illuminating the tiny space. Everything about the space sang praise to tranquillity and harmony of design.

The light teased the senses in a way nothing else could. The gentle purples, reds and blues danced around vibrant yellows, greens and white, lifting the audience into a otherworldly dream state. Color and light is explained to be a powerful medium that any artist should pay mind to.

Filling the air of the small space was a symphony of harmonious sounds. The music, though at times a tad too loud, always encompassed the people in and around the gallery. Even the hallway was filled with its soothing sound. Every person that entered the room felt calmed, proving how influential sound can be. Artists need to be mindful of the noises around their art, different sounds incur different emotions.

Dancing amongst the sounds and lights were translucent mosquito nets hung from the ceiling. They captured the light to send the room into a dream-like state. The audience was left mystified by the gently flowing fabric. The fabric was the counterpoint of the exhibit. It drew immediate attention and held on. Trying to look away from the dazzling show was a trial. The serene music, lights and movements all added up to a gorgeous experience for the viewers.

Next to the exhibit, hidden in a corner, was a small yet brightly lit sign surrounded by mosquito net scraps. Craved into the pink and purple lighting were the words “You are made of light.” The piece was hidden in the corner but to those who it captured, it became momentarily all-encompassing. Enticing crowds to investigate why it sat quietly far from the action. The meaning for the disconnect was never disclose, however, it seemed to be a kind-hearted reminder of who the viewer was. Even when you are far from the center of attention, you’re still make of beautiful light.

Overall, the experience of {appear:up:here} was a positive one. I got to feel relaxed, safe and welcomed in a little space hidden from the chaos of classes and life. For a few blissful minutes I could escape the worry and stress of college and float above the clouds. Upon closing my eyes, I was allowed to transcend life. Honestly, I miss the serenity of the gallery. I found a safe haven in that space, a place I could run and hide when things got to be too much. I learned, from this exhibit, the power of sound and light as a medium. The music allowed people to leave earth and the light let them feel free. I will keep in mind the sounds and lighting for any of my future projects. I believe {appear:up:here} was a perfect first gallery for many of us.

Flatsitter. {appear:up:here}. Alfred State University, Alfred, New York, 2015.
Topics: Light, sound, experience
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