Today, Tomorrow; Dreaming

Bold contrast, whispering shadows, semi-realistic bravery; this charcoal drawing and it’s complementing image are filled with those ideas. The piece attacks and invites the viewer with harsh lights and calm darks. The flower at the bottom captures the viewer and leads them up through the other two flowers, allowing them to rest only on the bright glow of the beak. The flowers create a sense of harmony and unified awareness about the drawing. Value plays a large part of how the work shines and reflects in someone’s mind. It acts like a lingering after image in some places where it’s subtly shaded. Overall, the drawing is powerful and brave, filled with my hopes for the future.

Story Time!

When I joined this major, after having come from countless others, I wasn’t very confidant or sure I would make it. I had heard the stories from across the street of art majors struggling alone at the bottom, unable to fight and rise, and ultimately giving up. I didn’t want to be like that, but I wasn’t sure I would be able to reach the level of talent others seemed to naturally have. When I arrived, I glanced and gazed at artists who’s talent far surpassed my own and I shuttered. I was good at drawing and shading and voicing my work, but I wasn’t good enough. I feared I would never be good enough.

However, midway through the semester, something changed. In this major, in this year, we, the freshman few, developed as a family. We grew together and supported each other through doubt and fear. It was nothing like the horror stories I had heard across the way. I found confidence and am happy to say I love my highly contrasting, weirdly shadowy works. Currently, I feel good, safe and content with my talent but ready and excited to push myself further. I discovered my love of stark contrasts and gentle shading. There’s a blended duality in my work that I can’t wait to take further. Also, I feel it’s important to remain humble with my thoughts and self reflections so I can continue to help others struggling through or coming into this major rise to their full potential.

In the future I hope to make something that will inspire and impact people. I know I’m a long way from making that, but I’m hopeful. I want to learn how to sculpt an idea so I can reimagine it. I’m not interested in created photo-realistic works, I’m interested in creating a voice people want to listen to that can help them through things. I’m interested in imagining a world where people can escape, be it fantastical or dark or relatable. I hope to allow people to soar through the sky on myths and legends or skim on the ocean floor surrounded by mysterious colors the world has yet to image. I hope to one day learn how to create a place where dreams can happen. It may sounds childish or idealistic, but this is my true dream.

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