Eyes toward the Heart


PrismaColor Markers, Matte Board, 9″

The process of making the phenakistoscope was an uphill battle for me. My original idea and board both dissolved away, forcing me to have to rethink and reconstruct my designs. At first I concidered making dancing lovers or something else fluid and understandable, however that idea seemed lacking. I wasn’t connected to the idea.

I struggled with a concept, pleaded for my mind to create something, until finally it emerged. A heart. Not a paper Valentines cut out but a real human heart. I drew the first and wanted to have it beating but that felt empty so I gave it life in the form of hatred. The world drives people to see the V-shaped design as a heart, saturating lovers in the idea and drowning people in false imagery.

Above the morphing heart is an eye blinking back tears. The image was never meant to have a meaning, but developed one over time. The eye is blinking away the torment of a fake society that changes things to fit its ideals.

Still Images


Sliver Gif

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