Soar Above

Through this process, I learned how difficult it is to work in a medium that reflects light. I found I’m very strong with the cut out, paper materials I used in projects past, however, cels are not easy to work with. I have no semblance of control when dealing with light sources and for that, my animation suffered. Each section of animation that was done at a different time has a different light source. I found this infinitely frustrating. I have no issues with several objects moving at once either, but cels don’t seem to play well with others. Overall I found the medium of (faked) cels to be very frustrating.

However, despite the difficulties, I greatly enjoyed creating the backgrounds. I used a harsh watercolor and charcoal combo for the smokey atmosphere of the city and a gentle watercolor technique for the park. I feel my backgrounds excelled while my overall animation kind of fell flat.

I’m also proud of the simple, cute story of friendship in isolation. The child in the beginning was lonely and forgotten until he found a kindred spirit with whom he could soar above the clouds with. That’s very similar to how people, when they find friends who are like them, can break free from loneliness and fear and really achieve great things.

All things considered, though this was not my strongest work technically speaking, the story to this one was personal and fun. It was freeing to make something simple and loving.

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