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As of February, I have changed what I hope to learn. I recently discovered that I have a unique drawing style that has only slightly been explored. I wish to explore that style and others through daily (and/or nightly) drawings or sketches. I also wish to better understand line weight, contrast and shading by using Sharpies on the sketches. By the end I hope to have an entire sketchbook close to filled with ideas and drawings.

The current page count as of Feb. 3rd is 18 out of 80.





During the semester, things will change. I wish to study that change. As the weather shifts from cold to warm, people’s behaviors will follow. How do people behave in different temperatures? What does it look like to shivers or sweat? What are their solutions to the ill temperature? How do they bathe in the welcomed weather?

As well, how do other creatures move? Things with wings move differently than things with fins or feet. What is the innermost workings of those creatures? Are they fast and small or slow and grand? On that, I wish to study how robots move. I hope to sketch as many creatures as I can in as many styles as I know.

Robotics/animatronics and their movements
Study the way hands move
Look at how a body/person behaves in different temps
-how do shivers/sweating look
-solutions to the temp
Study how other creatures move (wings or fins)
Anatomy and inner movement

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