Security Bot, Model: Platycat


After the Great War, our world was plunged into darkness. Soot and radiation rose high in the once blue sky, blanketing the scorched landscape. Plants refused to grow. Animals grew weak and die. Humans were in danger.
We fought to preserve what little we could. Farmers tried desperately to cultivate the land, but always in vain. No matter what technology they tried, they would always fail. The soil was polluted and poisoned. With only a handful of humans remaining and as a last resort, we built colossal shelters. Those towering white havens were called Weather Domes. Inside the Domes the weather could be regulated and the soil could be rejuvenated. Those shielded cities became our saviors.
Skyscrapers were erected inside the Dome, giving us individual places to call home. Factories started to reproduce familiar comforts and more at rapid rates. Farms flourished. People fell into a routine. Life within the Domes was safe and comfortable.
A democratic government and capitalist mindset blossomed out of the prosperity. People could finally relax after years of suffering. They became sheep. Once the people with power figured out what they hand and noticed how far they could push the lower class, they exploded. The comforting democracy melted into a horrifying totalitarian reign. Security drones were placed at every exit and mechanical police dogs roamed the streets. Anyone who didn’t conform was killed or, worse, they were taken to the farms and slaughterhouses.
Everyone conformed, most wanted to. A heavy foot ruled the Domes, but they were still safer than the fabled wastelands surrounding them.
Among the machines crafted to protect the walls were creatures called Security Bot Guardians or SBG’s. Standing around a foot and a half tall, perched atop metal columns, were those SBG’s. If a person tried to leave the city, the SBG’s wouldn’t hesitate to shoot them down. Everyone feared their deceptively sweet animal-like shape.
I did not.


I designed the idea of Platycat with a Maya mistake and since then I’ve worked hard to imagine my creature in 3D space, thus gave birth to my robot, Platycat. I worked hard to visualize him as cubes and triangles. I gave him sharp edges to make the cute design seem intimidating. In truth, I would have created the squares then covered them in silver, whether through aluminum or silver spray paint, however the weather is too cold for spray paint to hold the frail paper. His color palette changed to duality, reds and blues. I used that to show how he was a mix of charming and deadly. He stands roughly as tall as his imaginary counterpart, at around one and a half feet.

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