Caeldori Madrigal

Bristol Board, Micron Pen, Photoshop

Caeldori Madrigal is an Elvish Dwarf born to a rich and relatively happy family. Her father, Ronar, was a Dwarf court master to a king meaning money was never an issue for them. They were privileged and comfortable. She grew up, spoiled, alongside her older brothers Damian and Lyric. Cael was especially close with Damian and the pair were hardly apart in their youth, leaving Lyric to feel resentful. Ly never seemed happy with his life and longed to leave. This caused a lot of internal tension for the family. Her parents and Damian did their best to keep things from her and keep her as innocent and sweet as possible. They gave her as much of the world as they could. On her 13th birthday she was given a weasel she named Cinnamon. Cinnamon is not happy to be a pet but eventually grew fond of the starry eyed girl. As a child Cael learned to play violin and was looked to for entertainment during gatherings. At 16 she met her fiancee, an elfish nobleman named Aien, who gave her the glowing ocean blue stone she always wears around her neck. The pair was to be married on her 18th birthday. Two weeks before her birthday, assassins broke into the palace and slaughtered members of the royal court, including her father. The assassins then turned to kill their families. Lyric dragged a kicking and screaming Cael out of their home and ran. Damian stayed behind to protect their mother. Once in a small village, Ly left Cael to seek revenge. Once alone, Cael worked tirelessly to find information on her  remaining family’s whereabouts, picking up a job as a traveling musician with her violin. To protect herself she can fashion her violin into a crossbow quickly. She also attempted to use her Elvish blood to use magic, which she has yet to be successful with. Cinnamon is her only traveling partner and occasionally she falls into worry and depression but she does her best to remain optimistic despite everything.CaelExpress

Age: 18
Height: 5’ 0”
Weight: 243 lb
Race: Half-Elf / Half-Dwarf
Build: Short and chubby but still feminine
Hair: Long, wavy dark brown hair, often braided
Eyes: Right – Brown, Left – golden flame


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2 Responses to Caeldori Madrigal

  1. She is a really good character design 🙂 Interesting too


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