Norse Creation Story

16 - 1.png

While creating my comic, I went through several iterations of the story. I tried a dramatic fight pose, five panel comic story and I even considered trying to cram all of my information onto one image haphazardly. In the end, what I settled for was a symbolic recreation using a peaceful background. I took a traditional Norse landscape and brought it to life with events from the story. The red of the blood in the water slowly fades to blue. The sky is wispy like clouds but also grey colored like brains. The rocks hold the bones of the fallen Giant within them. Around the image, scratched into the wood, are symbols similar to Nordic writing telling the story of the image contained.

Framing was a big part of my painting. I worked hard organize the image in the most fluid way so the reader might travel through the story without losing interest. I kept with soft and inviting colors to contrast the brutal truth behind the image. For Sol, the woman in the foreground, I took inspiration from Art Nouveau artist, Mucha. The style of inhumanly human fit into the surreal atmosphere and offered the sun girl a vibrant look.

From here I hope to continue my study of colors and especially watercolor. I hope to someday make my traditional works into something digital and interactive.

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