A Semester of Learning


Over the course of the semester, I have grown as an animator and a visualizer. I started out with many issues of trying to make my work believable but being unable to due to my limited knowledge of the principles of animation. I worked hard with Norman though and sought to learn how to create life. I got better with the usage of squash and stretch, which was a rather hard principle for me, and also with framing. I, like many others, thought the best way to convey something was directly in the center so all could be seen. That however is not visually appealing and by the end I think I learned that the rule of thirds has to be present to make a piece feel powerful or dramatic. I struggled too with the joints of Norman popping and locking like he was doing some strange dance. I eventually took into account easing in and out the model and things became smoother.

Despite all I’ve learned and grown, I still have a long way to go. I still have issues with pacing and secondary action that I hope to see improve with more practice. I will look at references and exaggerate them much more in the future.

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