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Thered Fox is a very short interactive piece about a fox traveling through a small city to find a friend. In this work, I chose to keep the color palette muted more the most part in an attempt to keep the focus where it matters. The tone is meant to feel relaxing, as there’s no danger in this adventure.

I wanted the feeling of the city to be hazy, as if shrouded in fog, like a distant memory. I wanted everything to feel recognizable but not entirely. Their boxy, even shapes were created to show a cold, mechanical symmetry that the living things didn’t entirely belong to. The streets lights glowed blue instead of yellow or orange to keep the cool color palate everywhere in the city. Even the trees, though natural, lacked any color and felt man made and cold. Instead of natural, green leaves, the trees had a sick, gray goop over their uneven, boxy base. Even the red eyes of the squirrels in one tree seem mechanical, like tiny LED lights glowing from within.

While the world was cold and uninviting, I designed the fox to then dance over the fog with such color and life, thus making him a foreigner amidst the lightless landscape. Even other notable creatures, the Jackalope and squirrels, were still not as bright as the fox and his ribbon. I intentionally wanted him to be more organic and bright so he would feel inviting to play and explore with. This way the audience wouldn’t feel too disconnected to everything. The text bubbles were also meant to be muted but in moments were the two friends are together and happy, the bubbles have red in them, the same red as the thread on his tail.

The idea didn’t really change much over time, I knew what I wanted to accomplish with it and I set out to make that happen. Minor changes were made to solve some coding or visual issues however. The city was elongated over time so the parallax scrolling could be utilized. The fox evolved to have several poses including one for each standard directional arrow (W, A, S, D). And the idea to have him stroll through the starry night to his friend was added as a way to conclude the journey in a natural, believable way.threadinfojack

Over all I wanted there to be a stark contrast between the world you explore and the characters you interact with. I accomplished that through color and shape designs. I worked to create an easy to understand interaction that would allow someone to get lost, but not make them feel that way. I wanted to tell a simple story without words. Someday, I will continue to improve this idea and perhaps, with some luck, create a fully fledged game with multiple places to explore.

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