Update: Girl in the Mirror


Girl in the Mirror is a self portrait I did in hopes of capturing some vision of myself. It’s a composite of two images, one of me in a mirror and one of nature taking over a brick wall. I worked to incorporate elements of heavy lines broken by organic shapes and an asymmetrical composition. I worked with contrasting the uniform design of the brickwork and frame with the more free flowing plant life and human. I was mindful of the composition as well in that I made sure the piece was balanced while remaining asymmetrical.

I also focused on the texture. The smudges in the mirror and the leaves added an interesting organic texture. While the wood and brick have dents and recesses in them and giving things a warn texture. The colors, although all natural, are darker than expected. The plants seem almost evil thanks to their darker tone. The original images, as shown below, were easily spliced together and worked very naturally with one another.

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