Advanced 3D Animation Self Critique

Honestly, the thing I learned the most over the course of this semester is that working in a group with other individually minded humans is extremely hard. And leading them is even harder. I’ve learned that I do not wish to own or lead any kind of design project and am a much better follower. I learned too how to calmly and rationally approach an issue that seems unsolvable. Though difficult and stressful, I feel this was a valuable lesson that I’m glad to have learned now than out in the work force. I also found an appreciation for all the aspects that go into an animation, mostly the preproduction. That subject seems rarely touched on in my other classes and it was refreshing to see it explored. I feel I learned a great deal about the steps required to make something good. It takes a team to build a proper animation. As an animator, I don’t think I’ve grown as much as I would have liked to this semester, though now I feel more confident in my rigging abilities.

Overall, while I now have a better understanding of the animation process and a great deal of respect for those who can do it, I don’t find myself clambering for that lifestyle. The process is greatly dependent on a cohesive, respectful team. Sadly however, I don’t seem to work well in a team of strangers. Though, as I stated previously, that is a life lesson I’m glad to have learned now.

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