Hopeful Proposal for Production 2

Dereke and I plan to make a short video focusing on the Joker and Caretaker archetypes. We plan to have scenes of the Joker side of someone misbehaving only to have the Caretaker come and attempt to make up for it. We also are considering what a mirror might do for us, in that we can use it to show that the person doing the bad thing is the same as the one making up for it. This piece could end up talking about how we act and how we feel not always being the same or straightforward. Or the short could be something reminiscent of the movie Split and show a person torn between two different personalities.

We plan to frame the shots so you never fully see either person, the Joker or the Caretaker. The shots will focus primarily on their hands, feet and back. This is our hope anyway, but I’m not very skilled at comedy should we take that route. So we’re still figuring things out.

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