Emotional Peer Critique

I chose to look at Megan Hendershot’s emotion animation for a critique. First, the subtle secondary movements are good and aid to the flow of the piece. The fingers feel believable. Also the textures add a lovely depth. Continue reading

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The Thing

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Baby Shoes Website


As usual Adobe XD didn’t want to work for me, so I’m posting images of the web design instead. I chose to go with a bright and inviting color palette as the target audience is expecting parents, more likely mothers. And when you think babies, most people think cute so I went with a cute and inviting design.


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Website Layout Design

I made a website layout guys, well sorta, it’s not really fully “done” but it’s nice!

Please feel free to peruse the site!

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Blog Layout Idea?

My idea! Please feel free to click and explore!

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Can Virtual Pets Help?

Hey! Do you all remember those little, egg-shaped, hand held pets called Tamagotchi?  I remember taking mine everywhere and talking with all my friends about it. Even to this day they remain iconic and around 76 million Tamagotchis have been sold around the world! Continue reading

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Artistic Ally Study

My work:

Artistic ally, Russell Brennan’s work:

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