Memories (not textured)

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Uniquely You

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Check in 2

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Juiciness Review

Dynasty Warriors 8 is a great example of juicy gameplay. First when kill people you get very satisfying death noises from the enemies and also they slightly scatter when hit, which is fun to watch. Then when you kill enough people, a large but translucent display of the death total shows up on screen right where the character is along with a satisfying sound. Also every button you press has a weighted noise to it that feels nice to press. It could be juicer by adding blood to the deaths and possibly on the screen as well when battling many people at once. Because, you know, bloody is fun.

My mobil game I looked at was Castle Cats, a cute phone game about cute kitties in a cute kitty clan. This game is juicy because you can interact with your kitties and make little money bags explode out of them, in a cute way. Also when you complete a quest everything lights up and sounds play as you “pull” things out of the treasure chest by clicking. The game could definitely be juicer by adding mews with clicking of kitties and possibly a little light that follows your finger.

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Urashima Taro

Urashima TarosilUrashima Taro

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Lost Light Game Creations


Lost Light is a game I created in my design class. The player takes the role of a tiny, weak light attempting to reach light flowers in order to restore the light.

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Substance Painter Test: Bloody Boi

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